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Logos Smart Card offers the complete smart card product portfolio. Unlike other smart card operating systems, the products from Logos Smart Card are not tied to any specific brand or model of chip. Indeed, all products from Logos Smart Card have been designed and implemented in such a way that makes them easily portable and chip platform independent.

The product matrix is constantly kept up-to-date based upon the latest technologies from the world's leading chip suppliers. Logos Smart Card offers the products based upon a variety of different chips, ensuring that optimal competitiveness and availability are achieved at all times.

For the telecom segment, Logos Smart Card has a strong product line up for the low-end 16k and 32k native SIM Toolkit markets, for the 32k - 64k micro browser (WIB 1.3 and S@T 2.0) markets, as well as for the higher end 32k - 256k Java (U)SIM and UICC markets.

Logos Smart Card has its own in-house developed, powerful and efficient Java Card VM, compliant to the latest Java Card 2.2.1 specifications from SUN Microsystems.

Our Smart Card product portfolio

Exolvo enables local and regional card manufacturers to offer a certified and complete product to issuers, without depending on the global competitors to supply the modules...
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To allow third-party development of SIM toolkit applications, Logos offers
the LSCript products that include a highly efficient proprietary interpreter
on the card...
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The Wireless Internet Browser (WIB) is specified by SmartTrust and is the market leading solution for SIM toolkit based browsing. The Logos SIM WIB solution uses encrypted short messages...
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The S@T specifications are open and therefore allow the operator a choice of supplier for both the S@T gateway and S@T enabled cards. Logos offers a SIM OS with an integrated S@T browser as well...
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Celltick’s LiveScreen Media broadcasts content teasers directly to the user’s front screen when the phone is in idle mode...
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Logos SIM is based upon a highly efficient, 100% in-house developed Java Card Virtual Machine. The Java powered Logos SIM combines the VM with the successful native Logos SIM...
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The Logos USIM is based on the Logos Multi Application, Multi Verification UICC platform, allowing co-existence of several smart card applications on the same card. All Logos USIM products include...
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Volira SCOSTA is a version tailored to comply with the Indian SCOSTA (Smart Card Operating System for Transport Applications) specification from NIC (the Indian National Informatics Centre)...
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Logos Solvo provides an alternative to the lock-in strategy of many vendors, and enables its partners to supply a full range of turn-key solutions that are fully featured and independent.

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