Volira PK

In addition to the functionality of Volira GP, Volira PK offers a number of cryptographic functions on the card, including RSA 2048 digital signature generation.

The cryptographic functionality has been optimized against side channel attacks, such as SPA, DPA, Bellcore and other sophisticated attacks on cryptographic smart cards.

For optimal security, Volira PK offers on-chip RSA key pair generation. In order to use RSA for encryption or digital signatures, each party must have a unique key pair - one public key and one private key. It is essential for the security of the system that the private key is truly private. If the private key is revealed, the security of the system is compromised. Rather than generating each key pair at the card manufacturer's facilities, and loading it together with the rest of the card data during production, Volira PK can generate the key pairs internally on the chip. This way the private key of the key pair is ultimately secure and remains so, as it has never been outside the card and can never be read out.

ISO 7816-8 specifies smart card instructions that can be used for cryptographic operations such as digital signature generation and/or verification. Volira PK implements the ISO 7816-8 specification and is the solution for customers that require strong cryptographic functionality such as Encryption, Decryption, Digital Signature generation, or Verification from the smart card.

Volira PK provides support for Security Environments, as defined by ISO, including the instructions Manage Security Environment (MSE) and Perform Security Operation (PSO). Together with the RSA key pair generation feature, this provides full compliance to ISO 7816-8.

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