As an alternative to static SIM toolkit applications with a fixed pre-installed menu, some operators opt for dynamic SIM toolkit, where the menus and user dialogs are generated on the fly based on information provided by a central server. SIM applications that provide this functionality are generally referred to as SIM-browsers or µ-browsers.

The Wireless Internet Browser (WIB) is specified by SmartTrust and is the market leading solution for SIM toolkit based browsing. The Logos SIM WIB solution uses encrypted short messages to communicate with the Wireless Internet Gateway (WIG) provided by SmartTrust. Together, WIB and WIG enable the user to access WML pages from any GSM Phase 2+ handset. The WIB enabled SIM has a menu stored on the SIM. This menu can be managed and updated using Over The Air (OTA) services, often referred to as Remote File Management (RFM).

Logos continuously maintain the WIB implementations to be in compliance with the latest specifications. The WIB browser is offered on several devices in several configurations with different plug-ins.

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