Volira offers an independent, versatile smart card operating system with an ISO 7816 compatible file system. Data Confidentiality, Authentication and Non-repudiation is obtained by using a combination of PINs, External Authentication, Secure Messaging, Encryption, and Digital Signatures, all provided by the Volira OS.

Volira has been designed to be easily portable to new chip platforms. Volira is available on both ROM and flash based devices, runs on chips with different cores, and is available with different EEPROM sizes.

The customers of Volira are card manufacturers and system integrators, using Volira as the basis of smart card based solutions. As Logos Smart Card is not a card manufacturer, nor a system integrator, Volira is often preferred over other smart card operating systems coming from card manufacturers or from system integrators.

Volira comes in different versions, each carefully designed to offer the optimal software and hardware combination for a specific market segment.

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