Java SIM

As GSM operators demand interoperability, the Java™ SIM has become a market standard for high-end SIM cards. The Java Powered™ Logos SIM is fully compliant to the SIMalliance Interoperability Stepping Stones, as well as all applicable standards.

The Java Powered Logos SIM is based upon a highly efficient, 100% in-house developed Java Card Virtual Machine. The Java Powered Logos SIM combines the VM with the successful native Logos SIM. The result is a powerful, proven product based upon a decade of SIM software experience.

Logos Smart Card sees the Java Card as an important technology for future products, continuously increasing the market share of Java Powered SIM cards. As a full Java Card Licensee, Logos is part of the Java Card community process defining future Java Card standards. By following the 3GPP T3 working group activities, Logos ensures continued interoperability between Logos products and products from other vendors.

The Logos SIM can be used with any Java Card development environment. A free of cost Java Card Development Kit can be downloaded from Oracle.

Java and Java Powered are a trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle in the United States and other countries. Logos Smart Card is independent of Oracle.

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